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Savage, Young, Ferris Articles :Points of Interest (Journal #6)

Continuing with 1970s era this week, many aspects of punk were talked about. It was thoroughly interesting to read about the punk culture and how hardcore fans reacted to this style and co-culture. ┬áPunk musicians like the Sex Pistols were very rebellious, and had views of the world very uncharacteristic of other genres like rock, […]

Millard (pgs.308-12, Chaps. 15 & 17), Dyer/Lawrence articles: Points of Interest Journal Post #5

In this week’s readings, specifically the theme of disco, rap, and technologies in the 1970s were well discussed. For my latest journal, I would like to share my thoughts on the Millard text and the articles by Dyer and Lawrence. Disco became popular in the 1970s. ┬áThis unique musical genre impacted the music industry and […]


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