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Points of Interest (extra blog post #2)

This week’s readings were fun to read. Personally the McLeod reading on mashups was interesting to read. Honestly, I didn’t knew much about the term mashup until like 2 years ago when I downloaded a free mashup song. see the link below Mashups are fun (and quite ridiculously catchy) to listen to if you know […]

Points of Interest: Collins Essay (extra blog post)

Collins talks about how the music industry and the video game industry is mixing together. Personally a video game without music isn’t really an entertaining game.  The article was interesting because she talks about video games which is another of my favorite hobbies to do on my down time or during the breaks between semesters. […]

Savage, Young, Ferris Articles :Points of Interest (Journal #6)

Continuing with 1970s era this week, many aspects of punk were talked about. It was thoroughly interesting to read about the punk culture and how hardcore fans reacted to this style and co-culture.  Punk musicians like the Sex Pistols were very rebellious, and had views of the world very uncharacteristic of other genres like rock, […]

Millard (pgs.308-12, Chaps. 15 & 17), Dyer/Lawrence articles: Points of Interest Journal Post #5

In this week’s readings, specifically the theme of disco, rap, and technologies in the 1970s were well discussed. For my latest journal, I would like to share my thoughts on the Millard text and the articles by Dyer and Lawrence. Disco became popular in the 1970s.  This unique musical genre impacted the music industry and […]

Michael Coyle “Hijacked Hits and Antic Authenticity: Cover Songs, Race, and Postwar Marketing /America on Record: Millard 11-12 (Points of Interest Journal #4)

Brief Outlook: Coyle talks about the idea of covering hits and how hijacking hits didn’t meant anything illegal was being done in the music industry. Chapter 11 was about Rock and roll and how it impacted the music industry.  Chapter 12 was about the record and how people utilized it and spread throughout the world […]

Filene and Kyriakoudes Articles (Points of Interest) Journal #3

“Our Singing Country”: John and Alan Lomax, Leadbelly, and the Construction of an American Past The author of this essay, Benjamin Filene writes an interesting perspective on the Lomax family who collected American folk songs.  They were a travelling bunch of people who were scouting for talented musicians.  They wanted to preserve and popularize folk […]

America On Record Chapters 8-9, 13 (Points of Interest Journal Entry #2)

Imagine having silent films as the norm for today’s entertainment.  The music and film industry would be very different. Fortunately enough, the rise of sound emerged and shaped the 20th century as the stepping stone to evolutionary technologies.  For filmmakers, sound shaped the way the film was to be made.  “Talkies” a.ka. talking films had […]

America On Record Chapters 5-7 (Points of Interest Journal Entry #1)

America on Record Chapters 5-7 and Ted Vincent’s  The Community that Gave Jazz to Chicago The Jazz Age developed during the early 1920s, way before I was born.  It reflected the lifestyle and goals of the many people who participated in this era.  In particular the Jazz genre was a breeding ground for many black […]


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