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America On Record Chapters 8-9, 13 (Points of Interest Journal Entry #2)

Imagine having silent films as the norm for today’s entertainment.  The music and film industry would be very different. Fortunately enough, the rise of sound emerged and shaped the 20th century as the stepping stone to evolutionary technologies.  For filmmakers, sound shaped the way the film was to be made.  “Talkies” a.ka. talking films had […]

America On Record Chapters 5-7 (Points of Interest Journal Entry #1)

America on Record Chapters 5-7 and Ted Vincent’s  The Community that Gave Jazz to Chicago The Jazz Age developed during the early 1920s, way before I was born.  It reflected the lifestyle and goals of the many people who participated in this era.  In particular the Jazz genre was a breeding ground for many black […]


Welcome to my page for Media Studies 330W. My name is Philip.  I’ve taken some media studies courses before, but none of them seems like this one so far judging by my impressions.  I feel this will be an interesting course to embark and I hope to get to know you all.


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